Fibromyalgia and Low Vitamin D Levels

Michael Melton October 31, 2014 

Fibromyalgia and vitamin DFibromyalgia patients are at risk of vitamin D deficiency according to a new study from Ireland. In the study, 36% of fibromyalgia patients had deficient levels of vitamin D and 62% had insufficient levels. That meant only 15% of patients were getting adequate levels of the vitamin.

The patients were mostly middle-aged women. Researchers pointed out that the women’s vitamin D levels may have been affected by the fact they live in seldom-sunny Ireland. When it is sunny, patients may still choose to stay indoors because of their disability and pain.

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Chiropractic Treatments for Herniated Disc

What Is a "Slipped" Disc?  Is It the Same as a Herniated Disc?

There is an intervertebral disc between each vertebra of the spine. Discs act as a shock absorber and a shock distributor.

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