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Chiropractic Clinic TeamIn picture from left to right: Dr. Rowan White, Grainne Attwell, Dr. Donna Dippenaar, Dr. Julie Miroslava Muchna,
Nicola Portela, Michelle Lucht

We started the chiropractic clinic in December 2001 with just chiropractors but have expanded to include a massage therapist (Michelle Lucht), dietetian (Grainne Atwell), and chiropractors (Dr Rowan White, Dr Donna Dippenaar, Dr Julie Muchna).


Nana and Fern
(Admin Team)


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Dr. Rowan White

Reg No: A8933
Pr No: 68330


Dr. Donna Dippenaar

Reg No: A1335
Pr No: 0121630


Dr. Julie Muchna

Reg No: A11014
Pr No: 0417122



Grainne Attwell

Bsc Diet, PG Dip Diet, PG Dip Sports Nutrition (IOC)

Consulting Dietician

Pr No: 0123773

Massage Therapist

Michelle Lucht